I will try to make my goodbye to be the sweetest one.

I want to write about something like being thankful and grateful. I want to express my appreciation to what I experienced and to everything happened to me when I am with you. Our time together is short but it is so wonderful. Sometimes I think that being with you will not last longer but for sure I will try to keep this memory last forever. I will think of you day after day and from time to time.

My notes can describe how much I miss you when I can’t reach you out. My mind and heart just gives an opportunity to my pen to tell what I feel at the moment. I may not able to inform you that my feelings for you are so strong, where it exist in my imaginations, when my acts response to give what you need and when I spiritually hope to understand what love is all about. It is hard for me to let you know what my feelings is, well I guess you have a clue setting aside.

I’ve been in love so many times and if this feeling is just an obsession, it will hurt me now to see you wanting someone else around. I’m glad I am still fine. I’m glad that I had experience the meaning of wants and love and its difference. Go get the things you want in life and I’ll give what I love to give. I am hoping that I can become the source of your happiness and faith.

I am not your boyfriend and you are not my girlfriend. In facts that we are friends, I’ll will be more willing to be your best friend. I love to hear from you that “I am the best.” And I don’t want to put myself into the position of losing you. I will strive for the best to stay along with you and I’ll try to make my goodbye to be the sweetest one.

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