To drive safely does not mean your safe because others on the road can cause accident with you. I’ve been a slave of this mindset for a very long time. It became my reality and belief as it happens to others. Last November 18, 2017, the unexpected event happened at merging traffic where a brand new Honda CRV bumped the Toyota commuter van that I am driving. It is near Balagtas NLEX exit where there was an ongoing road construction.

Even if I am driving safely and slowly there will always be an accident waiting for me to happen. Yes it will be, because of my mind setting that others can still involve you with their negligence resulting to an accident.

It’s not my fault anyway but I can feel that I am responsible for the cause of that accident. I need to be more careful and to begin with; I look back on the accident and made a reflection of why did it happens. I made that quote an excused of my accident. I blame others not knowing that I am the creator of that event. Whatever comes on your mind can happen sooner or later. Just like the quote that I had believed. “I will attract accident even if I drive carefully.” This is just the same as “To drive safely does not mean your safe because others on the road can cause accident with you.”

I’ve learned and changed that mindset to “I will always drive carefully and safely then other drivers along the road will do the same.” And for whatever happens I will always be under the protection of our God as I pray always every time I drive.

To summarize the story of my day:

We went to manila to get medical things at noon time. I drop off my friend to INC Radio Live program and play with Margaux at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. We go back home after were done with our task and that accident happen along the way back home. I met Tony, the driver of Honda CRV with the plate number NCR DV2735. I feel sorry to what happen Tony.

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