I am so inspire with Og Mandino Quotes like the title of this blog and this one “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” I feel so positive to make this new year different from the rest and make this year a breakthrough of my carrer as entrepreneur, student, and servant of God.

Living a new life means change! To improve and to live a lifestyle that I wanted to be. I know that it will not happen in an instant but I want you to know that I decided to live a good life now.

Great relationship and connections! I want to have a better relationship and from being better, lets make a great one. Yes, you know me and I know you. I encourage you the next level where we can become outstanding. We can start a good team work and accomplished many things. I will build a connections where I can find the right one and I am going to find you.

Healthy diet for a new life. I wish I can eat everything tasty and delicious food and today I decided to avoid un healthy food diet. A diet like this is either affordable or expensive. Yes! food is where the most of my budget goes.  And I love to eat together with my friends because they are my special indredients.

I also love the idea of giving much time and good conversation with my brothers and sisters.

Lets make this happen.

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