Last year of 2016, I had the opportunity to meet people and most of them just come and go. I love the few people who become my friends and I am very thankful for those who made me feel special. It was on my checklist to meet new people or strangers and established a good relationship.

This time I will improve my purpose of building the connections. Getting to know them is not enough. I must reach their heart and deliver my message.

“I have a big dream and high ambitions and I will make it happen. I want you to be part of my success and tell others how we did it.”

I had been with my friends on happy moments and I am very thankful for those who reached me on my down time. I want to be with the people with the same goal and vision because they can understand you more. It is easy to reach the goal together with the people with the same goal. Goals that can be achieved efficiently by a team.

What should it take to find people with the same goals?

It’s not easy to let go or avoid friends who become close to your heart but you have to set aside them to be with the people of same goal. People with the same goals will become much closer to your heart along the way and that’s okay.

Some people can with be with you at the starting point and leave you along the way for whatever reason. Be passionate to bring them back as gratitude and love. Eventually, they can come back or new people will join and fill up the empty space because the love and kindness that you are showing is enough to attract new people.

Working together with people with the same goal is the key to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. You must create a team with the desire to win and succeed.

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