Malayo ka man saking tabi,
Pintig ng puso’y nadirinig.
Musika na humahalina
Pinatibay aking pag asa

Halik ng alon sa buhangin
Pagibig inakay ng hangin
Damdamin sa likod ng ulap
Nakakubli sa iyong yakap.

About Kung Sakaling Akin

This poem was made right after I took the photo of the pink ukulele and the girl behind at 101 Beach Resort – Subic Bay. I enjoyed the beach even the rain goes on and off. It was not a good timing because of the bad weather but I put my faith that everything will be okay and it happens to be good.

Kung sakaling akin is about me feelings. My desire how much I want to be close to someone special like how I much I want to hugs and play the ukulele with my current state emotions.

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