Today is my fathers’ birthday. While walking along the way to the church, I stopped by and took a photo of his working place. It is good to remember you father for everything that you did to us. Your my dad and nothing will ever change that.

I never notice that I am following his path as a programmer until I fell in love with my fathers work. I know that it is amazing to see his typing skill and that was the first start. I don’t know what it was at that moment but now I can say it’s pretty awesome.

I am not interested in poems but I made one when I wanted for someone to listen to me, none but pen and paper. I know you love to write poems too, to write something that come from the heart.

My father is a good teacher and similarly I love to coach on my team. I love to teach as he do. I can still remember how hard I am to my father during our lessons. Sometimes the most important things are learned from the hard way.

Dear father dear, thank you so much for being my dad.

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