I woke up this day looking for the motivation and inspiration. I am looking at the reflection of my yesterday defeats and tomorrow success. What lies beyond and why I am searching now for something greater.

What happen yesterday was an accidental failure or it is destined to happen? (A miss-communication with my friend.) Sometimes I think that I was set-up to fail so that I can learn from my mistake. If I have not learned then life is full of misery that I can’t able to understand. Yesterday reflection makes me able learn more than what I can able to learn at the present.

I am always having the vision of being the happy person who is sharing blessing and love. I can able to do it alone only with the help of God and the people who believes in me.

What is my daily motivation?

I am always happy to see the value of what I am doing. I love to help people who is asking for help like getting involve in reaching goals with the team. I got motivated when I failed and much more when I am getting the result that I wanted. People who appreciates me is motivating me. I love progress and growth, it is really motivating.

What is my daily inspiration?

Love is my inspirations. Thinking of the person I like inspires me to do things and I can do more when I feel them in my heart. Looking forward to see people accomplishment help me believes that I can do the same or much better.

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