I am very proud to the NEU midwifery not just because they are graduates, they are also close to may heart and became friend.

Very inspiring, it is very inspiring to see them marching on stage, mention their names and being acknowledge. Congratulation to all graduates and most specially to my midwifery friends who made my school year filled with lots of good memories to remember.

To My Midwifery Friends,

Dear Joy, Thank you for being friendly and because of you I met all of your midwifery friends. Sharina, you are simply cute and silence. I wonder what is in your mind when we are getting together. For April, how to be jolly as you are? Always be happy all the times and use it in times of troubles just to ease up. Hello Ameera and Grace, I hope that your friendship with Ameera grows and become more supportive to each other. Hi Anne, you are always the best and very good in leadership.

Congratulation New Era University graduates! I am sure that I will will you after this because I might not be able to see you as we go on different ways. Lets make a good start and have the passion to pursue the dreams we desires.

Life After Graduation

This is the first batch of midwifery graduates from New Era University. Board exams are waiting for them after the graduations. I believed that they can find a good review center and be prepared for the board exams.

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