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The day I looked for motivation and inspiration.

I woke up this day looking for the motivation and inspiration. I am looking at the reflection of my yesterday defeats and tomorrow success. What lies beyond and why I am searching now for something greater.

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I will try to make my goodbye to be the sweetest one.

I’ve been in love so many times and if this feeling is just an obsession, it will hurt me now to see you wanting someone else around. I’m glad I am still fine. I’m glad I had experience the meaning of wants and love and its difference. Go get the things you want in life and I’ll give what I love to give. I am hoping that I can become the source of your happiness and faith.

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Note to myself May 2017

Be inspired and motivated every day. Don’t lose your vision and always make a progress to get there, Aim high with good ambition and to love the women I want to be with. Always talk to God and ask for guidance. Follow your heart and keep on falling in love at the right time and ways. Get wealthy and be abundant in blessing so that I can be able to share it to whom I cherish and protect. Have a good rest to be able to complete my day.

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Lilipas din yan

Para sa damdaming nauuhaw Na aking naiisip ay ikaw At sa bawat oras na lilipas Ay lilimutin kita sa wakas Higa sa dilim aking damdamin at ikomut mo sakin ng lambing Kahit bukas wala ka sa piling pagibig na lumipas sa dilim Tanawin kita habang palayo Habang damdamin ay nakapako Hanggang mawala sa aking puso Ala-ala ng pusong nabigo.

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